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    "Unacceptable losses" EMS Helicopters Accidents - LinkedIn


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    "Unacceptable losses" EMS Helicopters Accidents - LinkedIn

    Message  vanhoute le Lun 4 Avr 2016 - 7:26

    Pour ceux qui pensent toujours que l'évolution des machines et des équipements est une hérésie et que nos collègues américains se débrouillent mieux que nous sur monomoteurs, voici une réflexion à lire de la part d'un pilote américain :


    Another ems, single engine, single pilot, vfr helicopter (no autopilot?), crash in a rural area at night in U.S.

    At the time of the incident:

    METAR KEDN 260515Z AUTO 12004KT 3SM DZ OVC003 17/17 A2997 RMK A02

    At the decision time to accept the flight:

    METAR KEDN 260435Z AUTO 11006KT 7SM SCT003 SCT007 OVC016 17/17 A2997 RMK A02 LTG DSNT


    Don't blame the crew, the weather or the helicopter.

    Why Operations control centers don't cancel flights? Are dispatchers certified? Can they read metar/taf?

    Why are the companies charging 50.000$ for 20min. flight in a 206? Pressures to fly when another program takes off? Self-pressure from the "saving lives" mission? Doctors saves lives, we are just drivers.

    Are all the flights really necessary?

    The industry can afford better machines(4-axis autopilots,radar altimeters,taws,tcas,wx radar,twin engines,wx data-link), nvg's, better training for the crew(crm/amrm,sim,risk management,good iimc training), they can afford a second pilot or a qualified and trained medical member as a flight crew in the left seat.

    I'm sure they can afford better maintenance, crash resistant fuel systems(AS350), sms.

    And if not fdr/cvr and hfdm/hums, how about systems like Appareo vision 1000? And work on the flight standards/proficiency checks.


    In 2008 all the alarms went off with seven crashes and 27 deaths.

    "Whatever is being done out there now is not working successfully," said the NTSB's in 2008

    "FAA hasn't gone along with all NTSB findings, or has been slow to enact changes."

    Recently I read how better is the situation in the last years...

    Some facts from 2014:

    75 air ambulance companies that operate approximately 1,515 helicopters in the United States.

    How many operators have adopted FAA-recommended best practices. With reports in from all of the 74 operators surveyed, the percentages that have adopted various programs were:
    - Decision-making skills and risk assessment programs – 94 percent
    - Response to FAA guidance on Loss of Control (LOC) and Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) avoidance –
    89 percent
    - Integration of operation control center – 89 percent
    - Installation of Flight Data Recorders and devices that can re-create a flight. – 11 percent
    - TAWS equipage – 41 percent
    - Use of radar altimeters – 89 percent

    An interesting note:

    Night Vision Goggles (NVGs): While the FAA encourages use of NVGs where appropriate, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Flying at night is not inherently dangerous if rules and procedures are followed. In fact, many operators who do not use NVGs have never had an accident at night.

    From 2011 through 2013, there were seven air ambulance accidents resulting in 19 fatalities.

    The previous accident I can remember was in December 2015...

    Another ems, single engine, single pilot, vfr helicopter (no autopilot?), crash in a rural area at night in U.S.

    “It took them close to 90 minutes to try to access that area due to immense fog, foggy conditions, as well as darkness,”


    Still unacceptable.


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    Re: "Unacceptable losses" EMS Helicopters Accidents - LinkedIn

    Message  french kiss le Lun 11 Avr 2016 - 19:14

    overlord ? un petit mot sur le modèle américain ? Je vous aide : "charging 50.000$ for 20min".

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