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    Cabri G2 close encounter with drone in CH


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    Cabri G2 close encounter with drone in CH

    Message  vanhoute le Mer 30 Mai 2018 - 13:10

    Dear friends, today a drone which was flying within the 5km radius around the airport of Locarno hit one of our Helicopters, damaging heavily one of the main rotor blades. The pilot took immediate action to reduce forward speed and landed just 2 minutes later at the Airfield.

    The drone was around 750g, and thankfully to the rapid response of the Cantonal Police the drone pilot could be found and identified.

    It seems the Drone Pilot was flying at around 3000 Ft AMSL (corresponding to around 1500 Ft AGL) in FPV (First Person View, looking to the camera screen, but not directly to the drone) mode, and did not hear the Cabri helicopter arriving neither realized the collision.

    With this action, the Safety and the Lifes of our Flight Instructor and his Student have been severely endangered. I don't want to think what could have happened, if instead of the blade, the Tailrotor would have been hit.

    The rules for drone operators are published on the FOCA website, they are easy. So please follow them. Strictly. This can help to avoid unnecessary accidents.

    Please share this post, haters and ethically uncorrect posts and comments will be removed immediately.

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