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    EU OPS : pour y voir un peu plus clair


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    EU OPS : pour y voir un peu plus clair

    Message  french kiss le Dim 9 Jan 2011 - 17:57

    voilà l'architecture en l'état actuel des choses de ce vers quoi tend l'EU-OPS. Espérant que ceci vous permettra d'y voir plus clair (nouveaux acronymes et abbréviations, nouvelles sous-parties, ...).

    Comment Response Document to NPA Air Operations (Part-OPS)
    The CRD to Part-OPS was published on the Agency website on 25 November 2010. It is derived from NPA 2009-02b on Air Operations.
    NPA 2009-02 on air operations of Community operators was published on 30 January 2009. By the closing date of 31 July 2009, the Agency had received 13 775 comments, of which around 8 200 comments were within the scope of this CRD. This CRD addresses the comments received to NPA 2009-02a (Explanatory Note and appendices), 02b (draft Opinion and Decision Part-OPS), 02f (cross-reference tables), 02g (Regulatory Impact Assessment - RIA) and 02g1 (corrigendum to the RIA).

    CRD Part-OPS
    The CRD to Part-OPS was published on 25 November 2010. It is accessible here . The CRD will be published in two phases. CRD OPS Phase 1 addressing commercial air transport by aeroplanes and helicopters as well as specific approvals for any operator, published on 25 November, contains the following elements:

    Explanatory Note (CRD a.1)
    Cover Regulation OPS (CRD b.1)
    Annex I - Definitions for terms used in Annexes II to VI (CRD b.2)
    Part-CAT (A, H) - commercial air transport operations with aeroplanes and helicopters (CRD b.3, with the revised rule text showing changes to EU-OPS/JAR-OPS 3 in CRD c.9)), which contains:
    Subpart A - General requirements
    Subpart B - Operating procedures
    Subpart C - Aircraft performance and operating limitations
    Subpart D - Instruments, data and equipment
    Part-SPA - operations requiring special approval (CRD b.4), which contains:
    Subpart A - General requirements
    Subpart B - Performance-based navigation operations (PBN)
    Subpart C - Operations with specified minimum navigation performance (MNPS)
    Subpart D - Operations in airspace with reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM)
    Subpart E - Low visibility operations (LVO)
    Subpart F - Extended range operations with two-engined aeroplanes (ETOPS)
    Subpart G - Transport of dangerous goods
    Subpart H - Helicopter operations with night vision imaging systems (NVIS)
    Subpart I - Helicopter hoist operations (HHO)
    Subpart J - Helicopter emergency medical service operations (HEMS)
    Comment Response Summary Table for Annex I (CRD c.3)
    Comment Response Summary Tables for Part-CAT (CRD c.4 - c.7)
    Comment Response Summary Table for Part-SPA (CRD c.Cool
    Comments received on NPA 2009-02b (CRD c.1)
    List of commentators for NPA 2009-02b (CRD c.2)
    Cross reference tables (comparing rule titles, based on the CRD, EU-OPS/JAR-OPS 3 and NPA) (CRD c.10)
    List of acronyms used (CRD c.11)
    CRD OPS Phase 2 addressing commercial air transport by sailplanes and balloons, non-commercial operations and specialised operations (e.g. aerial work) will contain the following documents:

    Addendum to the Explanatory Note
    Addendum to the Cover Regulation
    Addendum to Annex I - Definitions
    Part-CAT (S. B) - commercial air transport operations with sailplanes and balloons*
    Part-NCC - non-commercial operations with complex motor-powered aircraft
    Part-NCO - non-commercial operations with other-than-complex motor-powered aircraft
    Part-SPO - specialised operations
    The related comment response summary tables
    Cross-reference tables (between the CRD and NPA)
    Addendum to the acronyms
    * tilt-rotor aircraft, airships and UAS will be addressed in separate EASA rulemaking tasks

    Cover Regulation
    The Cover Regulation provides the objective and scope of the OPS rules; it establishes the applicability of the six Annexes to the Cover Regulation, and grandfathering rights for holders of air operator certificates issued under previous Regulations; it allows a 2-year period to close level 2 findings (enabling procedures and manuals to be adapted to the new Regulation); finally, it provides certain transition measures for when the Regulation enters into force.

    Explanatory Note
    The Explanatory Note outlines the main changes made to the NPA as a result of the public consultation. It also describes the working method used to respond to comments and to draft the resulting text.

    Comments and responses
    The new working method used for the comment review of NPA 2009-02 was presented in the CRD to NPA 2009-02e, on the medical fitness of cabin crew. The same method has been applied to this CRD and to the CRDs on Authority and Organisation Requirements (Parts AR and OR). All comments received to the NPA were reviewed, analysed for their relevance regarding proposed changes, and summarised per rule paragraph. The NPA text, comment summaries and related responses were incorporated into a table format: the comment response summary table (CRST). Four review groups were established as part of the comment-response phase:

    Review group 01 - CAT, focussing on commercial air transport operations;
    Review group 02 - SPO, focussing on specialised operations;
    Review group 03 - NCC, focussing on non-commercial operations with complex motor-powered aircraft;
    Review group 04 - NCO, focussing on non-commercial operations with other-than-complex motor-powered aircraft;
    The review group established for AOR (authority and organisation requirements) was also consulted.
    For Part-SPA (excluding Subpart E - LVO), the NPA text was the basis for drafting the revised rules, and the CRST shows amendments made to the NPA text using strike-through (for deleted text) and bold (for inserted text). For Part-CAT and Subpart E of Part-SPA, EU-OPS and JAR-OPS 3 were used as the basis for drafting the revised rules, and the amendments made to these texts are available in a separate document (CRD c.9). The CRSTs for Part-SPA and Part-CAT contain a summary of comments received, the Agency responses and any additional recommendations from the review groups.

    Resulting text
    The CRDs also contain the resulting text. This is shown as ‘clean text’ to support readability.

    Further developments
    Some stakeholders may wish to react to the CRD. This can be done via the Comment Response Tool (CRT) [http://hub.easa.europa.eu/crt/] until 15 February 2011. When submitting their reactions, stakeholders are kindly requested to follow the recommendations in the Guidance for submitting reactions to the CRD OPS (CRD d.1).
    The Agency Opinion will be published at least 5 months after the CRD’s publication, to allow for stakeholder reactions.

    Other CRDs and NPAs with relevance to Part-OPS
    The CRDs to Part-AR and Part-OR were published on the Agency website on 4 October 2010. Part-AR covers requirements for competent authorities. Subpart AR.OPS contains specific requirements for competent authorities in relation to the certification or oversight of operational activities. Part-OR covers requirements for organisations in the field of air operations. Subpart OR.OPS contains additional and specific operator requirements for non-commercial operators of complex motor-powered aircraft and for all commercial operators. Further information can be found on the CRDs webpage on this site.
    Part-Cabin Crew contains the requirements to be followed by an individual in order to obtain a cabin crew attestation. The CRD was published on 7 October 2010. The corresponding cabin crew training requirements addressed to the operator are part of OR.OPS. For more information please visit the Part-CC page on this website.
    The Opinion Part-FCL was published on 27 August 2010, proposing Implementing Rules for licensing, training and testing of pilots. Further information is available on Opinion FCL via this website.

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